Waterloo 2018

With the absence of Euphoria Music Festival this year (R.I.P. Euphoria), three new events sprung into existence to fill the void at Carson Creek Ranch. The first was Anjunadeep Open Air in June, which I wasn't able to attend but did hear great feedback on. The second was Waterloo Music Festival, which I attended this past [...]

Electric Forest 2018

For my post for Electric Forest 2018, I’ll be following the same format as my BUKU 2018 post. Like BUKU, I did media for this festival through Noiseporn and wrote an official review on it. My official review can be read below or viewed on Noiseporn’s website here. For the second year in a row, I returned [...]

Freestyle Sessions 2018

At the beginning of 2018, I set a personal goal of attending one of Bassnectar’s four curated events this year. The first curated event was Spring Gathering, which took place at the end of March. Since it occurred the same month as Okeechobee and BUKU, I decided that Spring Gathering wouldn’t be the one. However, [...]

Backwoods 2018

“I got shot in the head four times with a marshmallow gun last night because a woman didn’t think I was real.” Those words filtered through the trees from the mouth of a security guard as I walked away from the Globe Theater Sunday afternoon. After spending three full days at Backwoods, hearing that statement [...]