Thank you dad

The first concert I ever went to was Boys Like Girls. They played at Emo’s, not the new Emo’s over on Riverside, but the original, bona-fide Emo’s, which was located on Red River and 6th (Shoutout to all the true Austinites who remember, and went to, this venue). Because I was only twelve years old at the time, my father accompanied me and my friend to this concert. This was the first of many concerts that he insisted on going with me to before I was deemed old enough to go by myself.

Nowadays, believe it or not, I go to concerts with my father by choice. He’s actually pretty good company for a concert once I get over the embarrassment of going to a concert with my father. Together we’ve seen the Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, Journey, Eric Clapton, and many other amazing artists.

Here are a few photos and videos of the concerts we’ve gone to together in the past two years:

The Hendrix Experience Tour in October of 2014

~Billy Cox and Zakk Wylde from the Hendrix Experience Tour in October of 2014~

~The Cult in October of 2015~

Chris Cornell at his Acoustic Higher Truth World Tour in November of 2015

~Borns in June of 2016~

By now you’re probably thinking of what an amazing person my father is, and you’re right. He’s amazing not only for going with me to concerts, but also for always being supportive, and even encouraging, of my love for live music. Because of this, he’s always the first person that I tell when something of significance happens at a concert or music festival. Whether it’s meeting an artist, being front row at a concert, or even just getting to go to a concert or music festival in the first place, he always responds with interest and enthusiasm. To me, it’s always been clear that my father loves live music, and loves that I love it also.

I want you to think about your father. Think about the relationship you have with him and what has allowed y’all to bond throughout the years. It could be an activity that y’all do together, a topic that interests both of y’all, or even a passion that y’all both share. For me and my father it’s live music.

It’s because of my father that I love live music and that concerts and music festivals play such a large role in my life. It’s because of my father that live music has influenced my personal growth to such a degree and that I’ve grown to be the person that I am today. He took his love of live music and shared it with me. He threw open the gates and ushered me into the world that is live music and for that I am eternally grateful.

Thank you dad.

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