Peter Pan

Have you ever had one of those moments where something so crazy and unexpected happens that no one believes you after? This is one of those moments. Actually, this is a series of moments, all crazy and unexpected, and all occurring on the third night of my first year of attending Euphoria.

It starts at the end of the main part of the festival on Saturday. A few of my friends and I were walking back to our campsite to meet up with the rest of our friends. If you’ve never been to Euphoria, the festival site is set up to where you have to walk down a hill and past the late-night stage to get to the campgrounds. As we were coming into hearing range of the stage, we heard a guy on a microphone telling jokes. I can’t remember exactly what he was joking around about but it was right in line with our sense of humor. As we got to the bottom of the hill and saw the stage, we heard him say that he wasn’t actually going to play any music, but just tell jokes. Thinking he was being serious, my friends and I got super excited and took off running toward the stage.

As we ran up to the stage, we were greeted by the guy saying, “now that the girls with the balloon have arrived, we can start” (My friend Kaley was carrying a balloon that was painted with glow-in-the-dark paint). The rest of the band members proceeded to come out on stage and ready their instruments. During this time, the guy continued to talk about, and to, us saying that they were going to play in Dallas but then decided to come to Austin when they heard that we were going to be there, and even dedicating their entire set to us. I’m not sure why this guy was so taken with us, but I think it was because of the fact that there weren’t many people at the stage waiting for them to begin, so he was extremely thankful that we ran up to the stage so enthusiastically.

Once they started playing, we only stayed for a couple songs before we left to go meet up with our friends. To be honest, we were kind of disappointed that the guy was in a band and wasn’t just a comedian as we had originally thought. As we were leaving, multiple people in the crowd stopped us and lamented on the fact that the “girls with the balloon” were leaving.

Still riding the high from what had just happened, my friends and I arrived at our campsite ready to tell all of our friends, but no one was there. Thinking some of them may have already been asleep, I walked over to our tent and unzipped it, and there he was…


Peter Pan, or more accurately just a guy in a Peter Pan costume, was asleep in our tent. I immediately started laughing in shock and disbelief at what I was seeing. My friends asked me what was so funny, but I was laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe, much less talk. One by one, my friends walked over and immediately started laughing also. We stood around our tent laughing non-stop for probably three minutes. We couldn’t believe that fact that Peter Pan had mistaken our tent for his own and fell asleep in it.

After trying, and failing, to wake Peter Pan up, we decided to leave him in our tent for the meantime. For the next few hours, we showed him to many different people, all of whom didn’t believe us until they actually saw him themselves. After a while, we found someone who knew who he was and which tent was his, and with the help of a kind stranger, we moved him to the correct tent.

The next morning he came over to our campsite to officially introduce himself and apologize for mistaking our tent for his own. He actually was a really nice guy and was pretty embarrassed about the whole situation, which probably wasn’t helped by the fact that we kept calling him Peter Pan and yelling “Peter Pan” anytime he walked by our campsite.

Still to this day, I think back to this night with surprise and disbelief as to everything we experienced. Going into my first year of Euphoria, I never expected to have a concert dedicated to me and my friends and to have a guy in a Peter Pan costume mistake our tent for his own, but these moments are what makes Euphoria great and what has kept me coming back every year since.

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