Gem & Jam

Gem & Jam was different. For starters, it was the first music festival that I’ve done media for. I’ve been writing for a music publication titled Noiseporn since December and got a media pass in exchange for covering the festival. Because of this, I approached Gem & Jam with a slightly different perspective than I usually approach music festivals, and I had an amazing time.

Gem & Jam was similar to most of the music festivals I’ve been to in the past in that it had camping, music and visual performances, art vendors, and late night shows. However, it went beyond all of the festivals I’ve been to. The most similar festival I’ve been to is Euphoria, but Gem & Jam was still an extremely different experience. Like Euphoria, Gem & Jam had workshops, but unlike Euphoria, I actually went to one of them. The one I attended was Acro Yoga Flow For All, which was led by Cirque Roots, and it was a blast. I’ve always wanted to go to a workshop at a festival, but circumstances have prevented me from going, so I’m so glad that I was able to attend this one.

Also like Euphoria, Gem & Jam had live painters, but unlike Euphoria, Gem & Jam had a large amount of them and they were all insanely talented. At every stage we went to, there were live painters situated all around the stage, and sometimes on the stage, all painting works of art that were so amazing I couldn’t believe that some of them were actually real. Here are a few photos of some of the live painters at Gem & Jam:

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Gem & Jam also had an art gallery, featuring paintings from the live painters that were present at the festival. Lastly, although most of the music festivals I’ve been to have art vendors, Gem & Jam had the most art vendors I’ve ever seen at a festival. I’m actually extremely disappointed that I didn’t buy anything at Gem & Jam, because there were a lot of awesome and unique things being sold. Overall, all of the different elements of Gem & Jam combined to create a fully immersive experience, one that went beyond what I’ve come to expect at a music festival, and for that, I’m so happy that I was able to cover Gem & Jam for Noiseporn and can’t wait for the next opportunity to cover another festival.

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