Music festival series: Mysteryland

This past June, my friends and I road-tripped to New York for Mysteryland. After having some car trouble on the first day and getting lost on the New Jersey Turnpike the second, we arrived on the third ready to get out of the car and have an amazing weekend, and we did.

Mysteryland was a dream. Located in Upstate New York, the festival grounds consisted of smooth, rolling hills, all covered in lush, green grass. Each stage was located at the bottom of a hill, providing a great view for every festival attendee, regardless of how far back in the crowd they were. Most amazing of all was the fact that the festival was located on the 1969 Woodstock grounds, casting an unreal effect over the entire experience. The fact that we were attending a music festival on the same grounds as Woodstock 47 years later blew my mind then, and still blows it today.

As far as the festival itself goes, it was awesome. From the little toad, which we named Edgar Allan Toad, that hung out at our campsite Saturday morning to hearing Muzzy Bear sing live for the first time at Griz’s set, Mysteryland was filled with little moments like these, all of which combined to make my entire experience at the festival incredible. Here are a few photos and videos from my experience at Mysteryland:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Although my friends and I are going to Electric Forest this upcoming June instead of Mysteryland, I did have an amazing time at the festival and would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. 

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