BUKU 2017

Although I’m extremely happy to be done with school for probably, and hopefully, the rest of my life, one aspect that I do miss is having set breaks every year, specifically spring break. However, even though this was my first year not technically having a spring break, I still managed to have one.

My spring break this year was perfect because I was able to attend two different festivals: BUKU and SXSW. This blog post will focus on BUKU. If you’ve read my past blog post about BUKU, you know that I went to this music festival for the first time last year. I completely fell in love with the festival which led me to decide, before I even left the festival grounds at the end of BUKU last year, that I was going to go again the following year. I stayed true to my decision and returned to BUKU this year, ready to have another amazing experience, and BUKU 2017 did not disappoint.

My experience at this year’s festival was absolutely incredible. As I mentioned in my previous BUKU blog post, the location, the music, and the vibes all combine to create a unique and unforgettable experience for every single BUKU attendee, and I still stand by this observation. Here are a few moments of BUKU 2017 that stood out to me:

Seeing Grizmatik ~ Ever since I discovered Griz and Gramatik I’ve been wanting to see them together as Grizmatik, and it finally happened. I honestly can’t think of how to describe their performance and how it made me feel because it still seems unreal to me, but I’ll just say that it was everything I’ve ever wanted and more and leave you with this video:

Meeting Herobust ~ As my friend and I were walking out of the crowd during Zhu’s performance, we ran into Herobust, literally. Since I always love meeting artists, and Herobust happens to be one of my favorites, I low key freaked out when this happened. Luckily, he was super excited about seeing me also because he thought he had met me before, which he hadn’t but that’s beside the point. Our conversation mostly consisted of him trying to figure out where he knew me from and me insisting that I had never met him, but I did get to tell him how great of a performance him and Ghastly put on, and am so happy that I happened to run into him in the crowd.

Seeing Boogie T ~ Other than Grizmatik’s set, my favorite set of BUKU 2017 was definitely Boogie T’s. I hadn’t heard his music, or even knew who he was, until seeing his performance, and it was amazing. From his cute, lil’ facial expressions and dance moves to the actual music that he played, Boogie T had me captivated by his entire performance, and I can’t wait until I get the chance to see him perform again.

Experiencing the VIP S.S. BUKU ~ Of all of the music festivals I’ve been to, BUKU probably gives its attendees the most bang for their buck in terms of VIP tickets. Purchasing a VIP ticket for BUKU gives you access to the S.S. BUKU, a New Orleans-style riverboat docked on the Mississippi river. On this boat you have access to exclusive artist performances and unlimited free drinks and snacks. Also, when you’re on the deck of the boat, you have an elevated view of the Power Plant stage. Furthermore, at the Power Plant and Float Den stages, VIP attendees have exclusive viewing areas close to each stage. All of these different features combine to give VIP attendees an amazing experience on the S.S. BUKU and in the festival grounds in general, and perhaps the best part about this was the fact that, since I promoted for BUKU this year, I was able to experience all of this for free.

As stated in my previous BUKU blog post, I highly recommend going to BUKU. My experience at the festival both years was spectacular and I’m so unbelievably happy that I was able to return to BUKU for my second year in a row.


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