Middlelands 2017

Two weekends ago, I returned to the Texas Renaissance Festival fair grounds in Todd Mission, Texas. However, while the past two times I had been to the fair grounds it was for the Texas Renaissance Festival, this time it was for a music festival.

The music festival I’m speaking of is Middlelands. Since it was the festival’s inaugural year, I went into the festival with my expectations set relatively low. There were a couple hiccups, such as a few wristband scanners not working on the first day and an ambitious, yet dumb, guy climbing a tree during Griz’s set and causing the set to be halted so he could be taken out by a forklift, but overall, the festival went very smoothly.

When you consider the creators behind Middlelands, Insomniac Events and C3 Presents, it should come as no surprise that Middlelands was such a success. Both of these companies have created and run countless events and festivals, such as EDC by Insomniac and ACL and Lollapalooza by C3, and clearly know what they’re doing. Everything, from the social media marketing for Middlelands to the stage design and production, was creatively and carefully planned and executed in order to fit the ‘Game of Thrones’ theme that the festival was centered on. Perhaps my favorite aspect of Middlelands was the stage production. While I didn’t take many photos throughout the weekend, I did take a number of videos. Here are a few which I think highlight Middlelands’ insane, yet amazing, stage production and the overall success that the festival achieved during its inaugural year:

~ Big Gigantic at the Castle Northwoods stage ~

~ G Jones at the Middlelands Arena stage ~

~ Griz at the Castle Northwoods stage ~

~ Bassnectar at the Castle Northwoods stage ~

Although there were five different stages at Middlelands, my friends and I spent most of our time at the Castle Northwoods and Middlelands Arena stages, as demonstrated by the videos.

If you didn’t get a chance to attend Middlelands’ debut, I highly recommend going next year. It was clear that every aspect of the festival was thought out and done in order to give attendees a unique and unforgettable experience and while this year’s festival was unquestionably amazing, I’m so excited to see what Insomniac and C3 plan for next year’s festival, and what the festival grows into in the following years. For now though, I’ll settle for rewatching my videos and thinking back to the unreal experience I had at the inaugural year of Middlelands.


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