Fun at SXSW in 2012

Some moments stick with you forever. Whether it’s a larger moment, such as graduating college, or a smaller, such as getting an A on paper, you’ll never forget these moments and how they made you feel. For me, the moments that I remember and cherish are mostly small moments that center around my passion of attending concerts and music festivals. The best example I can think of to illustrate this is a moment that occurred during SXSW in 2012.

The artist was Fun and the location was some random warehouse on the Eastside of Austin, and while the venue was large and spacious, it didn’t have the best sound system. In fact, due to technical difficulties, the sound cut off multiple times throughout the show, causing the show to be completely stopped more than once. The final time it happened was at the very end of Fun’s performance during their most popular song at the time, which was “We Are Young”. Instead of waiting for the sound system to get fixed yet again, the entire crowd spontaneously decided to finish it themselves, and here it is:

This moment has stuck with me since 2012 because of how happy I felt. Although the sound cut off multiple times during the show, Fun didn’t let it negatively impact their performance at all. Additionally, the audience didn’t let it negatively effect their experience, and even came together in the end to help Fun finish their performance. While this moment was small, it reminds me of why I love attending concerts and music festivals, and for that reason, I will always cherish it.

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