Music festival series: Sun City

My experience at Sun City will always stand out to me, because it was the first festival I attended for free. I had started promoting for Disco Donnie Presents, the creator of Sun City, in June of 2016, and come Labor Day Weekend, I had sold enough tickets to earn my own.

As far as attending the festival goes, it was okay. While Disco Donnie Presents, had lined up an amazing group of artists to perform, the festival grounds lacked the art installations and other extra features that I’ve come to expect and love at the festivals I attend. However, my overall experience at Sun City was still amazing because of the people I was with. I won’t go into much detail on this subject since I wrote another blog post on it here, but the people you attend a concert or music festival with, or any event for that matter, can make or break it. Fortunately, the people I attended Sun City with made my experience unforgettable. Here are a few photos of some, but not all, of the people:


Although I’m going to Grizrocks this upcoming Labor Day Weekend, I’m extremely happy that I was able to attend Sun City last year with the people that I did, and I hope they have an amazing time this year.

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