Music festival series: Float Fest

Float Fest is exactly what it sounds like: you float and then you fest. The festival is held on Cool River Ranch in San Marcos, Texas, where you float the San Marcos River then attend the festival.

I’ve been to Float Fest once, in 2014, and it was relatively fun. The festival itself was awesome. It was small and intimate and the music performances were stellar. However, the floating portion was not so great.

I might be the only person with this opinion, but floating the river is not fun. By the end of our four hour float, I was extremely dehydrated and sunburned, and as a result tired, and the festival hadn’t even started. That being said, don’t let the floating aspect discourage you from attending. Unlike me, you may love floating the river. Also, floating at Float Fest is optional and there are tickets sold that don’t include it, and if I ever attend it again, you’ll find me rockin’ out in the festival only.

Here are a few photos of my Float Fest 2014 experience:


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