Freestyle Sessions 2018

At the beginning of 2018, I set a personal goal of attending one of Bassnectar’s four curated events this year. The first curated event was Spring Gathering, which took place at the end of March. Since it occurred the same month as Okeechobee and BUKU, I decided that Spring Gathering wouldn’t be the one. However, this didn’t stop me from eagerly reading reviews and watching videos of it afterwards. As I expected, the reviews were great and the videos were amazing, so I bought my Freestyle Sessions ticket the day after Spring Gathering ended.

Freestyle Sessions was the second curated event and took place June 1st through 3rd in Broomfield, Colorado, about thirty minutes northwest of Denver. The event featured three nights of Bassnectar, with different artists opening for him each night. Additionally, each night had a different theme, the three themes being drum & bass and old school, dreamtempo, and wildstyle.

Since there were three different themes, each night contained different music and a completely different vibe. Therefore, although Freestyle Sessions featured three back-to-back Bassnectar performances, each of them was an entirely new and exciting experience. While every night was spectacular, my favorite night was the second night with dreamtempo.

When I first heard Bassnectar use the word dreamtempo, I had no idea what he meant. Just hearing the word, I thought of twinkling stars and airy sounds, but I was wrong. In Bassnectar’s tweet (above), he describes it as lush, deep, beautiful sweetness, but even his description fails to define what it truly is. After experiencing Bassnectar’s dreamtempo myself, I still have trouble explaining it. The best way I’ve found to describe it is that dreamtempo is a dream come true. Here are a couple videos from the second night of Freestyle Sessions to show how:



Overall, Freestyle Sessions was so much more than I imagined it could be. I had an absolutely incredible time at my first of Bassnectar’s curated events, so incredible that I bought my ticket for the next one, titled Bass Center, less than two days after I got home.

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  1. What a fascinating recap of your Bassnectar concert experience. Your words were a good description, & I love that you augmented that with the videos. The music accompanied by the stellar light show gives a brilliant ultra sensory experience!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Your blogging is evolving in phenomenal ways…



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