Sweets and sounds: Baked Up’s Candy Shop ATX

On July 20, 2018, attendees came together for the first official Baked Up event: Candy Shop ATX. Baked Up is a brand created by Austin local Sydney Rogers that provides custom desserts, modeling and promotions, merchandise, and now events.

Digital Cheeze

With a focus on bringing people together and turning friends into family, Baked Up has also created its very own Sugaa Squaad. Candy Shop ATX was the first Baked Up event and the first of many Sugaa Squaad gatherings.

Digital Cheeze

For this being Baked Up’s first event, Candy Shop ATX was a huge success and lived up to it’s name, focusing on sweets and sounds. With sweets, the event had multiple options, including peanut butter drizzle reese’s brownies, which were my favorite. For the music, Candy Shop ATX had a killer lineup of Texas-based DJs / producers with Brimmz, Lazy K, Drizz, and more awesome artists performing.

Digital Cheeze

Overall, Candy Shop ATX had an abundance of dirty bass and delicious baked goods. It was obvious that everyone who attended had an amazing time and truly became a part of the Sugaa Squaad. Keep an eye out for Baked Up’s next event because it’s sure to be even bigger and better than the last.

Jacob Bonadero of Cube

Connect with Baked Up: Facebook / Instagram

Photos shot and edited by Digital Cheeze and Jacob Bonadero of Cube.

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