Dubstep paradise: Oh Bleep’s 6th year anniversary featuring Maxd Out

On August 18, 2018, I took a little road trip to San Antonio for Oh Bleep’s 6th year anniversary featuring Maxd Out, and it was wild. Although Oh Bleep has been a main player in the Texas EDM community for six years now, Maxd Out is a newer, yet equally impressive, contender. For this night, Oh Bleep and Maxd Out joined forces to bring attendees to straight up dubstep paradise.

Mirrorless Ninja

The night consisted of performances by Al Ross and Spock, and a special b2b performance by AFK and Svdden Death. Starting off the night was the exuberant Al Ross. He commanded the stage, beginning the event with an incredibly entertaining performance.

Mirrorless Ninja

Next up was Spock, who also had an wonderful performance, and then AFK b2b Svdden Death.

Mirrorless Ninja

While every performance was great, the real treat was at the end of the night when all four artists got on stage and went B2B(2B… 2B…). Watching them together on stage, it was clear that all of the artists were having an amazing time, and therefore, all of the attendees were having an amazing time too. Overall, Oh Bleep’s 6th year anniversary featuring Maxd Out was a highly successful celebration and brought its attendees to dubstep paradise.

Mirrorless Ninja

Connect with Oh Bleep: Facebook / Website

Connect with Maxd Out: Facebook / Website

Photos shot and edited by Max of Mirrorless Ninja.



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