Baked Up Presents: Weird Wubz

On August 24, 2018, Baked Up held their third official event. Although the first two events were both the Candy Shop ATX theme, the third event was dubbed Weird Wubz.

Who Shot Gorrie

Of the three Baked Up events so far, Weird Wubz was my absolute favorite. It stuck to the general Baked Up event theme of sweets and sounds, but added its own unique flavor. Attendees who arrived early were given free pizza and drinks, as well as a chocolate and toffee chip cookie cake with fudge frosting that was served later for everyone.

Digital Cheeze

For the sounds, Weird Wubz featured a stacked lineup of Texas-based DJs / producers Cromatik, Rizz0, Scotty Cruz b2b Yung Sriracha, and more. These artists lived up to the name of the event, serving attendees weird and wonky wubz all night long.

Who Shot Gorrie

Perhaps my favorite part of Weird Wubz, even more than the sweets and sounds, was the Sugaa Squaad present there. In my first Candy Shop ATX review, I mentioned how Baked Up is bringing people together and turning friends into family, and Weird Wubz was definitely no exception.

Digital Cheeze

Overall, Weird Wubz was a weird, unique, and utterly awesome event. Stay tuned for more information on Baked Up’s next event, an American Horror Story Release Party.

Connect with Baked Up: Facebook / Instagram

Photos shot and edited by Digital Cheeze and Who Shot Gorrie.

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