Baked Up Presents: Loving Our Ladies

On November 15, 2018, Baked Up’s Sugaa Squaad gathered for its first official meet-up at the Loving Our Ladies event. Although this was the first official gathering, the Sugaa Squaad has been showing up in full force to every Baked Up event since the last one I attended, which was Weird Wubz.

Since Weird Wubz, Baked Up has held an abundance of unique and successful events for its Sugaa Squaad, including a second Weird Wubz, a third round of Candy Shop ATX, a Night Bass event, the Horror House for a pre-Halloween party, and now Loving Our Ladies. While all of these events were impressive, Loving Our Ladies especially stood out to me for the following reasons.

Loving Our Ladies was the first Baked Up event that solely showcased female artists as the music performers. The lineup featured twenty different female artists, including Saratonin, Zinnia, Legend of She’llda, and more (see below for full list of artists), and was spread out over three different stages. Alongside the music performances, Loving Our Ladies had vending by Iman Blair of Witch Mob and fire spinning by April Puckett of Hoop With April. Everywhere I looked, I saw powerful women doin’ their thing and straight killing it.


Overall, Loving Our Ladies was an incredible event that served as a platform to female artists. It’s clear that Sydney Rogers (far right in photo directly below), the creator of Baked Up and ultimate boss babe, wants to inspire and empower the Austin EDM community and its female artists. Ultimately, Sydney is driven to support and uplift her peers and to bring people together, and I can’t wait to see how Baked Up and the Austin EDM community grow in the next year.


~ Full list of artists (in alphabetical order) ~ Aminal, Anjlkllr, Bombchelle, Digital Dre, DJ Blunt Force Trauma, Dope Sauce, Freak Meowt, Frooot, IndigoKenzi Sway, Legend of She’llda, Lucki Junglette, Miko Marie, Nessaja, Ömen, Saratonin, Snaxx, Tek Savvy, W!nters, & Zinnia


Connect with Baked Up: Facebook / Instagram

Photos shot by Joe Gold of Xstrology.

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