Holy Ship 2019

In June of last year, Holy Ship released the lineup for their next round of sailings, which were scheduled for January 2019. The second I saw that Griz was on the lineup for the second sailing, I knew I had to go. I contacted my usual festival crew and only one of my friends came through (shoutout Darcy). A day later tickets went on sale and we bought our cabin.

The next seven months went by at a glacial pace, particularly the final two since the last festival I attended before Holy Ship was just one day of ACL in early October. When January arrived, I was eager to set sail, and a little bit nervous since I had never been on a cruise ship before.

However, I had nothing to be nervous about because my entire experience on Holy Ship was incredible. The ship had seven Holy Ship stages and several Norwegian Epic areas, which was the cruise ship we were on, including a bowling alley, barber shop, and ice bar. There were also Holy Ship activities such as a talent show, rubber ducky pool party, and my favorite: a beatbox battle turned pizza-eating contest. As far as the music went, the artists played music around the clock. Seriously. I don’t think the music ever stopped the entire time we were on the ship, but thankfully, most artists performed twice, so we were still able to get some sleep and see them at least once.

For my favorite artist, Griz, I made sure to see him both times he played, and I’m so grateful I did because both sets were vastly different. The first was from 3:30 to 5 in the morning and was a straight funk and bass throw down, while the second was about twelve hours later as the sun set over the ship and was a chasing the golden hour set. As well as seeing Griz perform twice, I also got to meet him, and it was a dream come true. I’ve been in love with him, his music, and his message since I first saw him perform at ACL 2016 (read about it here) and it was absolutely amazing to get to talk to him for a few minutes and give him a big hug.

Overall, Holy Ship was a fantastic experience. I don’t think I’ll ever go on a cruise by itself, but I’d go on the ship again in a heartbeat and I’m so happy to be an official member of the ship fam.

Right before I met Griz
Darcy and I (& Griz) getting ready for his second set

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