Baked Up x Beyond Entertainment: Weird Wubz

The first Weird Wubz was held by Baked Up on August 24, 2018. It was weird, unique, and utterly awesome, and you can read more about it here. After missing the following two, which occurred in October and December, I was determined to make the next, and I’m so happy I did. For the 4th edition of Weird Wubz, Baked Up teamed up with another local Austin company, Beyond Entertainment.

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Bad Luc

Beyond Entertainment is a newly-formed promotional company that focuses on the local scene. The goal of co-owners Rowdy Banner and Phil Foltyn is to make all music performers, flow artists, fans, and anyone in between feel like a main-stage act. With this objective in mind, Beyond Entertainment formed a partnership with Baked Up for the fourth, and future, Weird Wubz.

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Bad Luc

The fourth Weird Wubz was held on February 9th and was insane. I didn’t think it could get any better than the first, and I clearly missed out on the second and third, because it blew all my expectations out of the water. The music performances were phenomenal, with Mystic Grizzly headlining and Yung Sriracha, Scotty Cruz, Neature, Saratonin, and more local artists providing support, and the roaming performers and arts and crafts vendors were fantastic; the only off thing about the entire event was the weather. Evidently, Mother Nature missed her invite, and in return, gave us 30° F with a slight drizzle. However, that didn’t stop the crowd from showing up in full force, as pictured below.

No Sleep ATX

Although the weather was less than ideal, and it would have been an easy night to talk yourself into staying in, Weird Wubz was packed full of attendees and was a resounding success, largely due to Baked Up and Beyond Entertainment. Both Baked Up and Beyond Entertainment are run by fresh, creative, and heartfelt entrepreneurs who truly want to make the Austin music scene a better, more accepting, and more loving place for all who participate in it. Attendees know this, and can feel their authenticity, and in return, are eager to show up and support Baked Up and Beyond Entertainment. With such positive and sincere intentions, it’s clear why Baked Up, Beyond Entertainment, and Weird Wubz are gaining traction.

Stay tuned for an official announcement on the next Weird Wubz.

No Sleep ATX

Connect with Baked Up: Facebook / Instagram

Connect with Beyond Existence: Facebook / Instagram

Photos shot by Kayla Hoots of Bad Luc and Nelson Mak of No Sleep ATX

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