Decadence 2017

My post for Decadence 2017 is slightly different. I did media for this festival through Noiseporn and wrote an official review on it. Instead of writing a separate post, I'm featuring the Noiseporn review. The full review can be read below or here. For the second year in a row, I attended Decadence, and it [...]

Day For Night 2017

A week before Day For Night took place, I took the plunge and decided to purchase a ticket. While the lineup itself was not enough to persuade me to attend all three days, I had heard great reviews about the art installations and therefore, chose to buy a single day pass for Saturday.  It was the [...]

Something Wicked 2017

This past October, I returned to Something Wicked for my second year in a row, and once again, I had an amazing time. Like last year, the festival had a great atmosphere. Everyone there was extremely friendly, outgoing, and clearly there to have a great time. However, the best feature of the festival this year [...]

ACL 2017

While attending ACL last year, I decided that it was going to be my final time. It was my tenth year going, and even though I had a great time, I decided that my 2017 would be better spent attending new and different music festivals. Although I did go to several new music festivals this [...]