ACL 2018

This year's Austin City Limits (ACL) marked my twelfth year attending the festival. The first year I went, I was barely thirteen years old. My father wrote a note excusing me from class Friday afternoon because of a "family emergency" and went with me all three days. Although I didn't stay with him the whole [...]

ACL 2017

While attending ACL last year, I decided that it was going to be my final time. It was my tenth year going, and even though I had a great time, I decided that my 2017 would be better spent attending new and different music festivals. Although I did go to several new music festivals this [...]


If you’ve been to a decent amount of concerts and music festivals, you’ve probably witnessed someone crowd-surf. If you’re lucky, you’ve crowd-surfed yourself. Crowd-surfing is a phenomenal experience. There’s nothing quite like floating above the crowd and being passed from hand to hand. However, crowd-surfing is not a great experience for the people who have [...]